Outside of probably dogs and cats, it can be hard to figure out what is going through the minds of other animals what drives them to do something, or what possesses them to perform some kind of activity we may find odd. Spectators at the aquarium ofthe Bronx Zoo in New York City were no doubt left asking themselves thosevery questions.

A person filming the various sea creatures in the aquarium was able to document a very unusual yet still impressive sight.

In the video below, you’ll see the strange behavior firsthand.

In stunning fashion, a turtle iscaught literally piggybacking on a gharial crocodile!

The large turtle makesits way onto the crocodile’s back, settling itself and holding on for the ride.

You can almost see the shock in the croc’s eyes.

It quickly swimsforward, seemingly wanting to shake the turtle off, but the shelled creature holdson as long as he can,until, using the glass in the enclosure, the crocodile isfinally able to lose the mischievous turtle.

Now, the real question is, what drove the turtle to do this?

Perhaps it was tired of swimming on its own and wanted a ride instead?

Maybe the crocodiles in the aquarium of the Bronx Zoo are runninga taxi service?

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