What was Katy Perry playing at at the Brit Awards?
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It was the performance everyone was looking forward to Katy Perry, going large at the 2017 Brit Awards, with her new single “Chained to the Rhythm.”

Her performance was full of little paper houses bobbing back and forth (the new Left Shark?), but it definitely wasn’t a commentary on the fact that none of us will ever own a house in London because the prices are out of control.

Everyone on Twitter immediately jumped on one thing.

In a politically charged follow-up from her Grammys performance (in which she wore a pantsuit, like her girl Hillary Clinton), Perry very much appears to be making reference to the U.S. president and British prime minister’s awkward hand-holding which was widely mocked in the British press. May was the first foreign leader to travel to the U.S. and meet the new president after his election.

Theresa May and Donald Trump, a meeting of the minds.

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Perry’s performance at least appeared to strike a nerve. Conservative MP Alec Shelbroke said, The problem with these pop stars is they spend so much time surrounded by their sycophantic luvvie pals that they have no idea whats actually going on out in the real world,” the Mirror reported.

But sweeping political statements aside spare a thought for the poor little house that suffered an untimely demolition on stage.

Read more: http://mashable.com/2017/02/22/katy-perry-brit-awards-theresa-may-donald-trump/

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