The video you’re about to watch below is unforgettable; in fact, this mom and daughter’s sweetrenditionof “Ain’t Nobody” is nothing short of adorable. Consider that your heads up!

It seemed like not even exhaustion could stop the little girl in the video below from joining her mom in the rendition, as when the video begins and the familiar tune began to play, her daughter looks as though she is one yawn away from sleep.

But it can be hard to sleep, especially when your mom has a voice as lovely as the woman in the video does!

As she passionately sang through the first verse and her daughter snuggles closer, you can’t help but imagine that they must have a really good relationship.

Just when you think it can’t get any better, the little girl finally decides to jump in, and in true duet fashion, they finish each other’s lines with surprisingly good harmony!

As they continue, the little girl seems to feed off her mom’s enthusiasm and passion for the song.

But that doesn’t last long her mom’s voice, already soothing to begin with, is reaching lullaby levels, and soon, her daughter wraps her arms around her mom’s neck, and her eyes start getting heavy.

This, in turn, results in her missing a couple of her cues, but they are still able to finish off “Ain’t Nobody” with a strong ending!

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