That didn't last long.
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A warning to athletes be wary of outlandish facial hair. It could lead to an internet trolling extravaganza.

Just ask Colby Rasmus, who showed up to MLB Spring Training this camp sporting a mighty fine neck beard. Perhaps the Tampa Bay Rays outfielder was looking for some new mojo, hoping to improve on his dismal .206 batting average from 2016, the worst of his big league career.

Either way, the internet chimed in as it always does absolutely roasting Rasmus’ new beard with a series of hilarious tweets.

But as of Wednesday, Rasmus had apparently rid himself of that hairy thing on his face.

Based on the time of the tweet, it looks like Rasmus shaved the beard before the internet had a field day. Rays photo day where the original beard shot was snapped actually took place last Friday, but one SBNationstory on Wednesday morning put Rasmus’ beard on a silver platter for Twitter to devour.

Most of those tweets came after 11 a.m. PST, while the timestamp on Rasmus’ clean-shaven photo is 10:20 a.m.

Even if Rasmus’ beard didn’t get to experience the internet’s bashing for itself, Rasmus sure did, likely confirming the fact that it was a great decision to shave that thing.

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