Many of Americas top media sites not only are staffed mostly by women but also cater to women everywhere. Thats why several of them decided to celebrate International Womens Day by showing their readers and viewers just how important women are to each publications survival. Some chose not to roll out new content on Wednesday while others have given their employees the day off.

Teen Vogue announced it wouldnt publish any new content on Wednesday to celebrate and uplift women everywhere:

The Cut, New York Magazines fashion website, made a similar announcement.

Were on strike, the editorial said. Yes, STRIKE. No news. No fashion. No life-changing, ugly-cry-inducing advice from Ask Polly.

So did Bustle and its sister site Romper.

Quite simply, without women, there is no Bustle, their announcement said. There is no Romper. Without our editorial team, which is 97 percent female, we would be unable to produce a site that aims to provide support and a megaphone for women to express how theyre feeling about the world.

Employees wont be working on Wednesday, it added, but instead will volunteer at charities that cater specifically to women.

MTVs female employees also went on strike. Photos posted on Twitter showed an empty office except for one lone male staffer.

Complex decided to live stream a notefrom its video producer in lieu of producing any Facebook Live videos for the day.

Complexs regular Facebook Live programming will not run today in solidarity with A Day Without Women, the note said. Because all of Complexs Facebook Live videos are produced by a woman.

Outlets like Glamour, in a slightly different twist, announcedthey would only feature content about International Womens Day on Wednesday.

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