Post-it notes: the latest fashion accessory? Apparently so.
Image: Getty Images

Post-It notes might be covering your desk and fridge to remind you of your to-do list. But, they’ve just taken on a whole other dimension… as a fashion accessory.

Models on the runway at Fyodor Golan’s show at London Fashion Week sported skirts and shirts adorned with neon notes inscribed with “buy milk” and “I like you”.

One model wore a transparent PVC shirt adorned with colourful Post-Its.

Image: Getty Images

Another model donned a PVC skirt decorated with Post-Its.

Image: Getty Images

And trousers were covered in the delightful memos.

Post-it notes are so now.

Image: Getty Images

Just in case you didn’t get the not-so-subtle hint about Post-It notes, the designer created a Post-It note top with a ruffled collar.

Image: Getty Images

So, next time you need to scribble a reminder for yourself, you should go-ahead and fix it to your blouse. You’ll be bang on-trend.

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